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Leaving a Mexi restaurant hungry?

To celebrate my recent promotion at work, my husband and I decided to try out a restaurant on Santana Row called Consuelo’s.  Besides my actual bestie, Mexi food is a very close second ;)  (No offense A!)  Anyway, I had my eye on this place for quite some time and we have tried eating there before but were deterred by the long wait and rather high prices.  I, of course, scoped the menu beforehand and had my heart set on:  

Pechuga rellena de huitlacoche 18  Chicken breast stuffed with a mix of huitlacoche, chayote squash and fresh corn, served over a roasted garlic sauce  


Sounds delish right?  Luckily I also read the restaurant reviews and learned they do not give you complimentary chips and salsa.  Gasp!  Isn’t that sacrilegious?  They DO, however, give you homemade tortillas with 3 different dipping sauces: red spicey, green peppery, and a banana citrus.  I liked the green and red best :)    

Zach is a guacamole fan so he ordered the ($10!) made-to-order mush.  He said it was only ‘okay’ and I wasn’t impressed with the quantity or the lack of interesting ingredients.  At least we gave multiple thumbs up to the pitcher of sangria we shared :)   

Onto the meals…I must also note that NO sides are included in your main dish.  Nada.  Those are separate menu items for a price.  I decided to order a side of Mexi rice with veggies.  My chicken came out and it was on the bone.  Boo!  I like to pretend my meat was never actually an animal and the bone makes it difficult to do so.  The chicken breast was super small too!  Admittedly the flavors were great and really unusual spices that I enjoyed.  Zach enjoyed his steak, but was disappointed at the puny size of the goat cheese chile relleno.    

Soooo, $100 later and still somewhat hungry we headed home to watch Julie and Julia.   

Gotta say Adios and Nunca Mas to Consuelo’s!   
















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