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WIAW: Farmer’s market edition

Hey there friends!

Where does the time go?  Oddly enough, when I have an extra pair of hands to help with the lil one, I find that I have less time to blog.  I think it’s because I prefer to be out and about so much more, though I do miss catching up.  That being said, I’m still reading your blogs, just forgoing commenting since typing on an iphone is a pain in the arse. 

We’ve been busy bees around here though – daily walks to the coffee shop, dinner parties, visitors/guests, and even hikes in 40+ mph winds.  My glutes are still burning from pushing a stroller up hill in that!

Last Saturday we took advantage of the gorgeous 70 degree SF weather and hit up the Ferry Building farmer’s market and I’m oh so glad we did Open-mouthed smile

photo 4photo 3

So without further ado, I’ll recap a bit for What I Ate Wednesday (courtesy of Jenn):


I don’t know about you, but farmer’s markets in the Bay Area are ridiculously nice and have copious amounts of free samples.  A person should seriously come very hungry.  And indeed we did.  We snacked on everything from blood oranges to dried fruit to Indian food / spreads to cheese to chocolate. 

And I gotta tell ya, those vendors are pretty smart.  By offering me a sample (or two or five), I was much more apt to make a purchase.  Below are just some of the items we got:

photo (5)photo (3)photo (2)photo (1)photo (4)

From top to bottom, left to right:

  • Salami from the pig parts store – yup, not my item.  That would be the hubby’s.  We took it to our pig-lovin’ friends’ dinner party that night.  Apparently it was tasty.
  • Dried fruit (w/o sulfur dioxide).  This fruit had such natural flavor as compared to typically store bought dried fruit.  We purchased apricots, nectarines, figs, and pears. 
  • Eggplant spread.  This vendor could not give us enough free samples and thank god he did, because I was in love with pretty much every item.  We purchased this along with veggie paratha bread.
  • Dark chocolate almond brittle. I died and went to heaven when I had this. My grandma used to make fabulous peanut brittle and this was reminiscent of that…top it with chocolate and it was beyond faboosh.
  • White Cheddar cheese.  I’m a WI girl through and through.  Give me a good cheese and I’m happy.  This had a lovely sharp smoky flavor and I’m dying to break into it.  Hmm..maybe I will right.now. Smile with tongue out

We also purchased some more cheese from Cowgirl Creamery and some blood oranges.  De-lish.

Are you a fan of farmer’s markets?  Do the ones you frequent give free samples?


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WIAW: Still indulging

Hey hey hey!

My baby is 2 weeks old today.  And yup, there is going to be a lot of baby talk on my blog.  Why?  Because I love him more than life itself and I can’t imagine not blogging about him.  Hope that’s okay with you Winking smile

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a good ol’ What I Ate Wednesday so I thought I’d just jump right back in!


It may be the new year and all but I have been eating like it’s the holidays.  Partly because I’m still in celebration mode from my lil arrival, but also because I feel like I can’t really get back into the health groove until I heal better.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely eating balanced nutritious meals, but also dipping into the sweets a little lot. 

Here is a hodge podge of eats:



Indian food at home: Paneer cheese, steamed frozen veggies, tikka masala curry sauce and a side of naan and rice.  Beyond delicious!


Scrumptious banana bread that I’ve made before.  Try it with TJ’s cookie butter and you’ll have heaven in your mouth.

Not pictured: Kung Pao Cabbage from Jing Jing, homemade pizza, lots of Starbucks lattes…

Oh and some of these guys:


Sprinkles cupcakes – German Chocolate (Carly’s), Smores (Zach’s), Lemon Coconut (mine).

And just for fun, here is some daily cuteness Open-mouthed smile

Jan 9 2012

Jan 10 2012 bathJan 10 2012 argyle

Do you make Indian food at home?  Ever cooked Paneer?

Favorite cupcake flavor?


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WICW: What I’m Craving Wednesday

Well friends, by the time you read this I should be at my 38 week (and 2 day) doctor’s appointment.  I think I’m ready for baby.  No, I know, I’m ready for baby! Open-mouthed smile

Except for the fact that we are having major bassinet issues.  I really had planned on doing the co-sleeper, but also wanted a bassinet.  The Graco pack-n-play is too big for our room so now we’re scrambling.  Ugh.

Anyway, I’ve been neglecting taking photos of food, and only managed a few.  That being said, for Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday, I decided to show you what I’m craving!


Ever since Thanksgiving, I’ve wanted stuffing.  Heck I want stuffing all year round, but T-day gets those taste buds going, so I had to buy Trader Joe’s cornbread stuffing and made it up on Monday night:


I paired the stuffing with TJ’s savory tofu atop an English muffin with Swiss cheese and mustard.  Quite the tasty meal actually! 

I’m also craving deep dish pizza.  Then again, when am I not? Pregnancy has turned me pizza obsessed.  I’m fine if this obsession never goes away.

I’m craving pumpkin pie.  Maybe it’s the same thing as the stuffing.  I’m not questioning it, but do need to make a pie pretty darn soon.  Perhaps Friday? 

I noticed on other blogs a fair amount of gingerbread talk.  Frankly, I sort of suck at making gingerbread cookies.  I’ve only tried a couple times, but I just feel that  they were off.  But since I’m craving them, I decided to go the easy route and bought these:


I’m thinking I should make these today.  I’ll probably skip the ‘making the men’ part and just do something more like gingersnaps.  Easier, and faster –> quicker to getting in my belly.

And last but not least, I’m craving a Chipotle burrito bowl.  I never really liked Chipotle, but pregnancy has me craving the bowls – my guess is it’s the salt (odd since I kind of hate salt).

So tell me…

What are you craving?

Do you have a fail-proof gingerbread cookie recipe (provide link!)?


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