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Friday fun and some maternity fashion

This is going to be a short post friends.  I have other things to do with my day, like hanging out with this girl Open-mouthed smile  So excited.  On deck we have froyo, pedis, Starbucks, and baking planned.  Jam-packed goodness!

As for what I’ve been wearing – all the photos below are from this past week (my 33rd week or pregnancy).  Someone said in the comments the other day that being pregnant isn’t opposite of being fashionable.  I agree!  I may not be rocking anything super edgy or haute couture, but I’m workin’ with what I got Winking smile

Nov 7 2011
Gap maternity black pants, Anne Klein blush pumps, light pink tank, and Forever 21 lacy light cream sweater (the lovely
Sara and I bough the same one last week in SF Smile )

Nov 8 2011
Motherhood maternity skinny jeans, Alfani camel boots, Gap peach maternity sweater, cream woven belt (from boutique in FL)

Nov 9 2011
Motherhood maternity grey jersey dress, Steve Madden Girl foldover boots, Forever 21 pink cardi

What do you think?  Are fashion and pregnancy mutually exclusive?

Tell me what Friday Fun you are having or plan to have!

 PS Any interest in hearing about the breastfeeding class we went to last night?


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WIAW: Overeating Monday

Happy Wednesday my friends!  How can we make today a great one? 

I’ve been racking my brain for blog-worthy posts this week and though I know it’s WIAW so that helps, but rather than show you what I ate Tuesday, let me share what I *overate* on Monday.

This WIAW brought to you by Jenn at Peas and Crayons:


You see, I had my 33 week check up on Monday at 815a and I knew I’d have to get on the dreaded scale.  So I really had been trying to keep my eats in moderation the previous days, particularly on Sunday. 

I didn’t eat anything pre-appointment, which is the norm for me, since I eat my oatmeal at 9a. 

When the moment of doom approached, I saw that I was still *under* the targeted amount for my stage in pregnancy.   Wahooo!  Fyi, I’ve gained plenty of weight, no worries, my doctor is very happy with my weight gain.

Somehow that number said to me “ Eat whatever you want, as much as you want, for the rest of the day Shan!”  Don’t mind if I do Mr voice-in-my-head! 

So without further ado, here is every single, naughty, indulgent, second/third helping thing I ate:

  • 845a: Grande non-fat half-caff 3 pump vanilla latte (a la Starbucks and the red cup)
  • 9a: Mixture of candy corn and TJ’s cinnamon almonds (delish combo by the way).  I estimate I ate about 1/3 cup total.
  • 1130a: ½ of my leftover veggie calzone from Gumba’s – please note that had to have been a good ½ pound of cheese embedded in the fluffy dough.
  • 1230p: 1 pumpkin cookie (flat / crispy, like a sugar cookie almost)
  • 3p: 2 more pumpkin cookies
  • 4p: Medium Ambrosia apple
  • 445p: Handful of Love Grown granola (estimated 1/4 cup)
  • 505p: *Many* spoonfuls of Pilgrim Joe’s pumpkin ice-cream (guessing ½ cup)
  • 7p: Darbar Indian food: Paneer do Piayza  + at least ½ cup rice + 5 or 6 triangles of naan.  It may have been more, friends.  I kept stuffing.
  • 9p: PB Snickers funsize


Ugh.  Oh dear me.  I felt like a total lard@ss after that day.  I really couldn’t stop myself though.  I felt like I had a free pass since I was “underweight.”  Thinking smile

The question is, why do I do this to myself?  I feel like I’m definitely indulging enough in my regular days so it’s not like I’m working through a deprivation.  But I do think that I’m putting a wee bit too much emphasis on the old scale-a-roo.  Pregnancy is *not* a time to go willy nilly with your food and neglect the scale completely, but it is a time when you can be slightly more relaxed about the number.  Does that make sense?

Bottom line is that my check-ups are not a game that I need to beat.  I am truthful with my doctor in every other way, and yet, I seem to try to ‘game’ the scale so I can be at the low end of my weight gain.  This silliness must stop.

Tell me, when you see you’re at your low-end weight range, do you allow yourself to indulge more?

Favorite Indian dish?  I can’t pick just one, nor can I remember all the names.  But pretty much anything veggie makes my heart sing!


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Shoes-Day! Grey bootie repeat

Hi Friends!

Dare I say Fall is here and here to stay?  I sort of just a little bit really truly love it. 

Bring on the boots and booties!

I showed you these Franco Sarto booties  nearly a year ago:

And on Saturday I decided to break them out for my day of shopping:

Nov 5 2011

In the outfit mix is a taupe-grey striped hooded tunic sweater from Marshalls (<$20 in Juniors Dept) and Pea in the Pod maternity ruched bottom leggings via Destination Maternity.  It seems so weird to be rockin’ what I consider a primarily 80’s look.  I’m sorry but I just think heels and leggings scream that decade!  I never really thought I’d embrace the look, but pregnancy has me looking at fashion in a whole new way!

I did get a great compliment while shopping about struttin’ in 3.5” heels and a baby bump Smile  Gotta love it!

What do you think about the 80’s look?  Have you been sportin’ any trends?

Booties or boots?


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